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  • Dr. Tom Siebenaler

People Development Easy Explained 2/6: What is a Potential Analysis?

Before an organization is able to take a closer look at how to retain their talent, the first step is to identify the talent or potential of employees.

  • What characterizes a "high potential" in an organization?

  • Which tools are used to identify the potential of employees?

  • Is it known where talents are currently „located“ in an organization?

  • To what extent are managers able to recognize potential and promote talents accordingly?

A potential analysis is focused on the future and provides structured information regarding the skills, characteristics and expectations of a talent.

Ideally, talent identification is thereby integrated into a continuous process.

In order to recognize and promote the potential of employees at an early stage, regular feedback sessions should take place

How does a potential analysis look like?

The following measures can be taken in order to identify talent in your organization:

  • Planning, implementing and evaluating talent conferences

  • Design and implementation of 360-degree feedback interviews

  • Conducting assessment centers and standardized psychometric tests

  • Training of managers on how to conduct employee interviews

  • Creation of a talent pool

  • ...

A professional potential analysis helps activating untapped potential and keeps your talent pipeline filled.

Are you interested in using the full potential of your employees? Please feel free to contact us.

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