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  • Dr. Tom Siebenaler

People Development Easy Explained 4/6: What is Succession Management?

High potentials or talents often leave organizations due to a lack of perspective. At the same time, organizations face the problem of having key functions that are not filled in time by an adequate replacement when employees leave. Succession planning tackles these issues.

  • How do organizations ensure that key positions are filled quickly?

  • Do talents know in advance that they are being discussed to attain certain key positions?

  • Are risks associated with departures (e.g., retirement) and open key positions monitored on an ongoing basis?

  • Which qualifications do potential successors need to possess in order to quickly fill vacant positions?

A well thought-out succession planning concept includes the identification of key positions and requirements for potential successors, as well as the development of suitable candidates.

It is crucial to involve engaged employees early on in the succession planning process in order to be able to fill critical key positions

What characterizes effective succession planning?

A succession planning concept and process encompass the following elements:

  • Development of succession principles (e.g. performance vs. seniority principle).

  • Implementation of a personnel risk management (e.g, bottlenecks)

  • Creation, review or optimization of a workforce planning concept

  • Identification of key positions

  • Development of job profiles and succession management criteria

  • Creation of a talent pool and a succession pipeline

  • Derivation of further training and qualification measures

  • Support in the onboarding process of successors

  • ...

Successful succession planning not only shows employees various career opportunities and supports them with targeted training measures, but also secures critical know-how.

You aim to make your succession planning more efficient? Seven Trees will be happy to accompany you in your process.

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