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People Development Easy Explained 6/6: Skill & Competency Management

Whereas just a few years ago, an employee's success was largely attributed to his or her technical expertise and length of service, practice shows that primarily skills and competencies are the key for productivity.

From an employee's point of view, it is therefore very motivating to continuously develop one's own skills and competencies, and to use them effectively in one's own organization.

  • How are skills and competencies measured in your organization?

  • Which future skills and competencies will be needed in your company?

  • In which way are identified competency gaps dealt with in your organization?

  • To what extent are assessed skills and competencies linked to other HR concepts?

The goal of skill and competency management is to identify and promote the individual strengths of employees in order to capitalize on them in a targeted manner.

Not to be confused with performance appraisals, promoting certain skills encourages behaviors that are critical to the organization.

A structured management of skills and competencies enables future-oriented workforce planning, recruiting and people development

Which aspects need to be considered when implementing a skill and competency management system?

In a step-by-step approach, Seven Trees accompanies you during the whole creation process while considering the link to other HR concepts (e.g. training, job descriptions):

  • Development of a comprehensive skill and competency catalogue including different operational levels

  • Design and implementation of a company-specific competency model

  • Assessment of skills and competencies on an individual or team level

  • Gap analysis between existing and future skill requirements

  • Development of strategies to cover competency gaps

  • Further development of workforce planning tools

  • Sharpening job roles and requirement profiles

  • ...

A well thought-out skills and competency management not only motivates your employees, but also closes knowledge and skills gaps in your organization.

Would you like to know how to manage skills and competencies in your organization? Seven Trees will be glad to support you.

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