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People Development Easy Explained 5/6: What is Career Management?

Aside from an adequate salary, attractive career opportunities are one of the most important sources of motivation for employees. They want to know which options (e.g., promotions, development opportunities) are available to them within their own organization.

  • Which career paths exist within your organization?

  • Which responsibilities, competencies and decision-making rights are associated with different positions?

  • How can employees develop themselves within your organization?

  • How transparent is the internal job market?

Without any career path, employees' skills and experiences, as well as their needs and expectations are often not fully taken into account. After all, not everyone aims for a „traditional“ career move as a manager.

A structured career management includes deliberately shaping the career of your employees and providing them with a future outlook in order to strengthen their commitment.

An integrated career management combines the personal needs of the employees with the interests of the organization.

What does a successful career management look like?

Together, we develop a well thought-out concept that helps your employees take responsibility for their own careers:

  • Design of career paths for managers, experts, project managers or specific job profiles

  • Anchoring career paths and derived development measures in the (HR) architecture of your organization

  • Job analysis and development of career levels (e.g., junior to senior level)

  • Enabling managers to conduct career development talks

  • Development of an organization-specific career program

  • Definition of promotion criteria

  • Establishment of an internal job market

  • ...

With a targeted career management, you can anticipate job changes and career developments, respond to the needs of your employees and actively support them at the same time.

You want your employees to see the (career) perspectives in your organization? Simply write to us.

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